Watch Restoration Service

Band/Case Polish/Refinishing

Your wrist comes into contact with a number of surfaces a day. To restore the original shiny look of your watch consider either polishing or replacing it to remove the dings and scratches. We generally recommend polishing it up at least once a year to keep your watch in good shape.


Many of our favorite watches have become worn from years of use. The gold layer has come off in places showing the base metal underneath.  Sometimes it is scratches from accidental contact with other metal or ceramic objects that did the damage.  Even solid gold watches are not immune to scratches though there is no base metal to show through.  Both watch cases and bands can now be refinished to look and perform as good as new or better through re-plating.

Dial Refinish

This highly specialized service is designed to bring about the highest quality dial restoration result available – for all recognized American and Swiss brands. It's normally a 6 week process.