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If your watch is not running or having any other issues, you can bring in or send in your watch for a free estimate. One of our skilled Master Watchmakers will carefully inspect your timepiece and we will have an estimate sent out to you within 48 hours. No repairs are performed until approved by the customer.

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Our Warranty

We provide a one-year warranty on all our watch repairs.

At Global Watch Repair, customer satisfaction and loyalty is our number one priority. We stand behind our work and that is why we provide a one-year warranty on all watch repairs! The warranty starts once you receive the package. As long as all the necessary repairs were performed by us, you are under our 1-year warranty coverage. If a problem arises we will repair and/or replace any damaged parts.

Our warranty does not cover repairs we did not perform as well as normal wear and tear, negligence, or accidents. The warranty applies to parts and actions related to the work we completed. Non-water-resistant watches subject to moisture or water damage are automatically voided from the warranty, especially if the timepiece was not pressure tested by our watchmakers.

We reserve the right to void the warranty upon discovery of tampering or any alterations done to the watch.

In order to obtain warranty service, you will be required to submit the original ticket number along with your invoice. A return shipping label will be provided at our expense. If all the conditions are met, your timepiece will be repaired and shipped back to you in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about this policy, please email us at:

Quartz Movement (Battery Replacement)

This is a battery-operated movement, would need taken apart to overhaul the internal mechanisms. There are components in a quartz watch that need lubrication and cleaning to keep the watch running properly, and every time a battery is replaced that’s an opportunity for unwanted debris to find its way into your watch’s movement.

Automatic/Mechanical Movement

Unlike quartz movements, Automatic often referred to as “Self-Winding” harness energy through the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist as Mechanical movements uses energy from wound spring to power the watch. Much like any piece of machinery, mechanical watches require routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

Movement Service Steps (Overhaul)

  • Watch disassembly and professional five stage ultrasonic cleaning of the movement
  • Genuine/Generic part replacement, when needed, and precision reassembly
  • Detailed lubrication, timing and regulation, ensuring accuracy well within factory standards
  • Case and bracelet/band cleaning, when applicable
  • Case resealing according to the manufacturer’s finest specifications
  • Pressure testing up to 1200meters/3600ft, in accordance with depth ratings
  • QA & QC final inspection for timing, accuracy and precision


Our repair service will promptly mend or replace any watch band, whether it’s torn and worn or you’re just looking to revamp the look of a special timepiece.

Add/Remove Watch Links

This service is a fast one, we can do it while you wait. Our watchmakers will help to fit you band perfectly to your wrist.

Crystal Replacement

Term “watch crystal” refers to the clear cover over the watch face, a misleading title considering the cover is usually made out of either plastic, glass, or synthetic sapphire. Regardless of the material, a damaged cover can ruin the aesthetic of your favorite timepiece, or even render it unusable.

Our watchmakers removes the broken or scratched cover and replaces it with a new one, ensuring your watch is ready for wear and perfectly protected.

Stem & Crown Replacement

These small pieces of metal can get knocked off or go missing over the years. Our watchmaker can replace and restore the stem and crown so you can adjust your watch’s time if needed.

Pressure Test

Pressure test will confirm that your watch is still water resistant to the manufacturers specification once a repair has been carried out. This is normally required after a new battery is fitted or occasionally when other case repairs are carried out such as a replacement crystal, pusher or crown.

Watch Restoration Service

  • Band/Case Polish/Refinishing

    Your wrist comes into contact with a number of surfaces a day. To restore the original shiny look of your watch consider either polishing or replacing it to remove the dings and scratches. We generally recommend polishing it up at least once a year to keep your watch in good shape.

  • Re-plating

    Many of our favorite watches have become worn from years of use. The gold layer has come off in places showing the base metal underneath. Sometimes it is scratches from accidental contact with other metal or ceramic objects that did the damage. Even solid gold watches are not immune to scratches though there is no base metal to show through. Both watch cases and bands can now be refinished to look and perform as good as new or better through re-plating.

  • Dial Refinish

    This highly specialized service is designed to bring about the highest quality dial restoration result available – for all recognized American and Swiss brands. It's normally a 6 week process.

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