Full Service or Battery Replacement

Movement Service Steps (Overhaul)

  • Watch disassembly and professional five stage ultrasonic cleaning of the movement
  • Genuine/Generic part replacement, when needed, and precision reassembly
  • Detailed lubrication, timing and regulation, ensuring accuracy well within factory standards
  • Case and bracelet/band cleaning, when applicable
  • Case resealing according to the manufacturer’s finest specifications
  • Pressure testing up to 1200meters/3600ft, in accordance with depth ratings
  • QA & QC final inspection for timing, accuracy and precision


Quartz Movement (Battery Replacement)

This is a battery-operated movement, would need taken apart to overhaul the internal mechanisms. There are components in a quartz watch that need lubrication and cleaning to keep the watch running properly, and every time a battery is replaced that’s an opportunity for unwanted debris to find its way into your watch’s movement.

Automatic/Mechanical Movement

Unlike quartz movements, Automatic often referred to as “Self-Winding” harness energy through the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist as Mechanical movements uses energy from wound spring to power the watch. Much like any piece of machinery, mechanical watches require routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly.